Reloop MIXTOUR Review: Easy Portable Access to Algoriddim Djay

The Reloop MIXTOUR is a compact 2-channel controller and audio interface, meant for use with Algoriddim's Djay software. It's compatible with Mac OS, Android, and iOS, and gives you access to all of the basic mixing and transport functions of the software. (Mappings are also available for Virtual DJ, Traktor, etc.)

The MIXTOUR contains a 3-band EQ, color-coded transport and Hot Cue controls, a bipolar lowpass/highpass filter with Macro FX, an easy-to-use navigation section, and onboard metering.

In this video, I give my thoughts on this sturdy and portable piece of gear.

Advertised at: $199 (Check Price)

Platform: Algoriddim Djay (Mac OS, iOS, Android)

Channels: 2

Rating: 7.25/10 (see video for ratings by category)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the pitch controls?

On this particular unit, there aren't any dedicated pitch controls, including nudging or bending. However, these functions are easily accessible on a tablet, for those who are using this with Android or iOS.

Do I need to buy anything to connect to my iPad/iPhone/Android?

The MIXTOUR comes with the connections and cables needed, no matter what platform you're connecting to.

How do Hot Cues work on the MIXTOUR?

Above the transport controls, there are buttons which say “T” (for Transport?) and “C” (for Cues?). Use this to switch to Hot Cue mode. The buttons will illuminate, to show which cue points you've set in the loaded track.

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