Spare Change: Competition Turntablist (Ep. #216)

In today’s episode we’re talking with Spare Change, Competition Turntablist. Spare is a 5 x DMC US Finalist (2013 Vice Champ), Scribble Jam Champion, Redbull Thre3style US Finalist, and 2 x Guitar Center Spinoff US Finalist.


Today, we’ll hear what it’s like to participate in scratch battles and DJ competitons, and get a few killer demonstrations along the way. Later this week, we’ll be posting an extended set where Spare Change demonstrates what he can really do! Be sure to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss it.

We actually invited Spare to Passionate DJ Studios to help us demo the brand new Pioneer DJM-S7, which we currently have on loan from The DJ Hookup​. Be sure to follow them as well, to see my review of Pioneer’s latest scratch mixer.