The DJ’s Special Problems

It doesn't take someone very long after deciding to pursue their new DJing passion, before they realize that a number of hurdles are in the way of making their goals.  These goals vary from person to person: fame, fortune, day-job, personal enjoyment, and so-on.

Most DJs start interacting and connecting with others on some level, and they start to notice patterns.  They feed off each other's thoughts and feelings toward the scene, the music, the figureheads, or the equipment.

These special DJ problems start getting passed around and, before you know it, this impassioned group of people with kindred interest have gone from pushing something they love, to trashing it… as if that somehow fixes the problem.  Shout louder, and the problem will go away.

“Nobody around here understands my music.”

“I don't have any good ideas.”

“The sync button has ruined everything.”

“All the venues in my town suck.”

These kinds of statements are most typically uttered by folks who say they want to leap, but won't (or aren't).

What they are really saying is that they haven't truly tried to build a following, haven't found any ideas that are guaranteed to work without criticism and risk, are scared by technology instead of embracing (or ignoring in spite of) it, and aren't willing to think outside the box to attain well-matched gigs.

Woe is me… the unnoticed DJ.  The starving artist.  The unmotivated photographer.  The half-assed businessman.

Yes, it is possible that your particular hurdle is completely unique… so one-of-a-kind to you and your DJ kin that general wisdom and life knowledge don't apply.  It's possible that this problem is so insurmountable, and you are so stuck in it, that there is absolutely nothing to do about it.  It is also highly unlikely.

Perhaps, step number one is realizing that our problems aren't all that special.

We can dream all we want, but success belongs to those who hustle… and to those who have figured out how to do things so difficult that others can't imagine doing it.

Stuff your “overnight success” plan, for your own good.