Three Cheers for the Passionate DJ

Updated January 23, 2018

Three cheers for the DJ with an unending supply of curiosity, who never stops looking for new ways to present beautiful music to a captive audience. The insightful person who is willing to acknowledge that there’s always more to learn.

Hats off to the DJ who realizes that it’s not just about how they play, but about what they play, and in what context. The thoughtful selector who prefers not to put ketchup on a steak, but to make a better steak. Output matters. Content is king. Context is god.

Thumbs-up to those of you who are just as concerned with the happiness of your audience, as much as your own. You business-minded individuals who treat your fans with respect, your promoters like friends, and your fellow DJs as co-workers. Those who want to uplift their scene and edify their peers.

Here’s lookin’ at you; the humble person behind the booth who can’t be bothered with ego. The music lover who has no inclination to be a diva. The gentleman or lady who wishes to be one leg of support amongst many.

Props to the DJs who are constantly adding new tools to their arsenal, in order to become a more well-rounded music selector. The motivated musicians who pull inspiration from any and all sources. The true lovers of music.

Much love to the value-driven DJ, who realizes that there is more to mixing music than simply blending two tracks. Who realizes the difference between competence and distinction.

A hearty high-five to you if you realize that it isn’t about forcing your own musical tastes onto an audience, but about finding your audience and playing to them. And if you realize that the end-goal is to find common ground between your own musical taste, and those of your crowd.

Cheers to those of you who are leaders. Not because you want followers, but because you have the drive and motivation to push yourself forward… and to be an important branch of your own support network.

Shine on, artists… your attention to detail, your persistence, and your dedication to the craft are what keep the “underground” strong. Let nobody devalue what it is that you do, or to diminish the things you have to offer to those of us who need you.

Big ups to the visionaries who realize that it’s not about becoming as good as anyone else.  They realize that the proven way to add value is to do extremely difficult work. The craftsman who seeks out the most difficult parts to master, and contributes in their own unique way.

Three cheers for the Passionate DJ.