ZAANDR: Live in Studio (Ep. 208)

In today's episode we feature Columbus-based DJ/producer ZAANDR. He showed up in-studio a few weeks ago to perform a live stream, but Passionate DJ was having some unfortunate internet issues at the time. So, we decided to bring his music to you in this week's podcast episode.

Today's show will consist of original music, mixed and recorded live in our studio, and our interview with ZAANDR sprinkled throughout. If you'd like to hear the entire unmodified set (without the interview), check it out on our SoundCloud:

We really appreciated ZAANDR's approach to dance music. While his sound is very accessible and festival-friendly, there's also a lot of “underground” influence. He transitions between house music and halftime trap beats, yet manages to make it all sound cohesive.

Check him out on Instagram and SoundCloud!

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